Acquisition, development and construction of waterfront

and waterfront view properties in the Puget Sound Region



Advisory Services

We assess your current situation and match it to your objectives.

First, we understand our client's needs and objectives.

Then, analyze their assets.

Formulate a plan to achieve the client's objective with a timeline.

Implement, monitor and fine-tune to achieve the client's objectives.

MBG provides a wide range of advisory and consulting services:

  • Analyze existing debt

  • Asset and portfolio analysis

  • Opinion of value

  • Profit and loss (operations) analysis

  • Market and sub-market analysis

  • Asset management

  • Due diligence studies

  • Positioning to maximize revenue     

  • Limit expenses

  • Strategic planning for underperforming assets

  • Property Management analysis

  • Buy/sell decisions

Development Services

Meeting our Client's Needs

Clients need varying levels of assistance based on their experience.  Each project is unique and decisions are not black or white.  MBG helps guide clients through the delicate balancing act of weighing aesthetics against financial and other considerations.  We guide the process so all the different stakeholders are involved and committed.


Land development, new construction,  re-hab of multi-family buildings.and special use projects.


Areas of Expertise

Well-versed in all aspects of the development process, not limited to the following:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Site evaluation

  • Site acquisition

  • Value analysis

  • Project design and engineering

  • Interfacing with governmental agencies

  • Procuring governmental approvals

  • Arranging financing

  • Managing the construction process

  • Oversee lease-up

  • Sale of the asset


Our great strength is our decades of experience combined with an attitude of strict financial and technical accountability with every individual or company working on a project.  This business practice fosters clear communications between all members of the project team and a heightened esprit de corps.  This produces superior results and a positive experience for all involved in the project.

Design and Construction Management: 22 CDC

An excellent project begins with a streamlined, time-efficient design, entitlement and construction process. 


22 CDC (22nd Century Design & Construction) is a proprietary development process in which the Owner, all Consultants (Architect and Engineers), the General Contractor, and all Subs collaborate on the design, the means and methods, and the sequencing before construction begins.


22 CDC, a process used to design and construct projects, creates a predictable outcome that shows an owner the costs and schedule, and quality of a project, before construction starts.


22 CDC results in a 20% decrease in project costs and a 30% decrease in schedule over traditional methods.  This is done through the creation of One Model from design through construction.  The One Model depicts the project in nearly an as-built condition before construction starts.  There are no change orders, just as there are no change orders in the manufacturing process for cars and airplanes.  



The MBG Co. has been in the real estate business in the Puget Sound Area since 1985.

MBG originally had three divisions: a development company, a general contracting company, a real estate advisory and a brokerage company. Through the years of operating these three divisions, the company has gained tremendous experience in all facets of the real estate business. The Principals of the company have over 35 years of experience in residential, multi-family and commercial real estate. The company has developed a broad and extensive knowledge of the development business and project management from land acquisition, entitlement, design, and construction through either management of the finished asset and/or disposition of the asset.

The Company's focus has been on the acquisition and development of commercial projects with the majority being apartments, condominiums, and town homes. The Company has worked on over 5,000 units, and has been the creator of such well-known Seattle residential landmarks as The Pier at Leschi, Essex Park in Redmond, and the Epicenter in Fremont. MBG has focused over the last several years on waterfront developments. Over the years, nine of the company’s projects have been featured in national and regional real estate publications. 

Since the Company’s inception, the Company has acted as a real estate advisor to a wide variety of clients ranging from institutional investors and REITS to local investors.


Waterfront Specialty

The MBG Co. is experienced in developing waterfront property. Developing waterfront property has many layers besides simply procuring permits the local jurisdiction. Waterfront development in Washington is governed by the Shoreline Management Act for regulation of shoreline uses. It involves dealing with government agencies such as the Department of Ecology, the Department of Fish & Wildlife and the U.S. Corps of Engineers. It also requires knowledge of Native American tribes and their jurisdiction. The Company has become expert in dealing with these and other entities and navigating through the different bureaucracies.

Our Company Philosophy


The MBG Co. prides itself on client service and satisfaction and is committed to the development of diversified real estate ventures characterized by superb quality, design and economic viability. The Company’s strength is derived from its commitment to its investors, its clients, its industry and to the communities in which it builds.




70 Units
Bremerton, WA
66 Units
Newcastle, WA
28 Units
Seattle, WA
14 Units
Bremerton, WA
22 Units
Bremerton, WA
126 Units
Seattle, WA
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Valley View Apartments

210 Units

Seattle, WA

La Vista Apartments

113 Units

Tukwila, WA

Essex Park

80 Townhomes

Redmond, WA


The Courtyard at Bitter Lake

40 Townhouses

Seattle, WA

The Peaks at Tukwila

31 Condo Units

Tukwila, WA


Waterside Lane

22 Townhomes

Bremerton, WA


9700 Ravenna

12 Townhomes

Seattle, WA

Lake City Mini-Storage, Phase I

316 Units (3 levels)

Seattle, WA

Lake City Mini-Storage, Phase II

432 Units (4 levels)

Seattle, WA

Fountain Court and Tanglewood 

288 Units                

Tacoma, WA                           

The Fairwood Apartments

176 Units

Renton, WA​

Chateau on the Lake

156 Units

Federal Way, WA


Harbor Country Apartments

109 Units

Gig Harbor, WA

Lakefront Village

156 Units

Federal Way, WA

The Pier at Leschi

28 Condo Units

Seattle, WA


The Bridges

14 Townhomes

Bremerton, WA



8 Condo Units

Seattle, WA

Ballard Mini-Storage

279 Units (3 levels)

Seattle, WA


111 Units
Bremerton, WA
186 Units
Bremerton, WA
115 Units
Bremerton, WA
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